See Heat Signatures Of Bats, Flying Squirrels, Possums, Raccoons, Skunks, Moles, Voles, Squirrels, Woodchucks, Birds, Snakes, and More…

Thermal Image Inspection At Bats R Us LLC

We’ve Expanded Our Reach With The Revolutionary Use Of Thermal Imaging, By Hand And By Drone, For Locating Wildlife In Your Home or Business

Bats R Us Provides The Increasingly Popular Thermal Image Inspection By Hand And By Drone; A Non-Intrusive Answer For Detecting Pest Wildlife In Walls, Attics, Basements, Crawl Spaces, And Other Areas Of A Home, Business, Or Structures.

State Of The Art Thermal Image Inspection With Drone Reveals Nuisance Wildlife

Looking to employ the most innovative and accurate technologies to identify wildlife within the home quickly? A thermal image inspection is a perfect tool for your wildlife removal challenges. Our sealing process’s first step is to inspect the home with our thermal image inspection technology to identify all holes and points of entry. Experience is key here, as some animals can squeeze into incredibly tiny holes that the thermal image inspection reveals.

The thermal image inspection process allows us to find holes and entry points more quickly within the home. This is a cutting approach method for safely finding and removing wildlife. We can easily pick up the heat signature of raccoons, bats, squirrels, and other critters through home insulation as well as in attics, basements, and exterior walls. Through thermal imaging, we can identify where heat is escaping from the home – wildlife’s entry points. We can scan the roof using thermal imagery to show exactly where the animals entered.

We use a high-powered drone to inspect your home and find the perfect view of any difficult to reach area such as the roof. You will receive live on-site video, photo report, and post-inspection ensuring we safely sealed all holes so wildlife have no point of entry.


Outside Gaps and Openings


Wildlife Locations Revealed

Detecting Wildlife With A Thermal Imaging Inspection

Successfully finding bothersome wildlife pests demands knowing thermal imaging inside and out

Not only does thermal imaging reveal wildlife we often discover the heat of termite nests and carpenter ant nests which are not an expected joy by us or certainly not you!

Thermal Imaging Can’t See Through Walls But…

It’s important you understand that our thermal image inspection doesn’t see through any material. A thermal camera detects heat variations on the exterior of a surface that is produced by something on the other side. For instance, a thermal camera won’t show wildlife running through a wall. But, it could expose wildlife or a nest that has been producing heat for a prolonged stretch of time causing a wall to heat up.

Bats R Us Are Skilled Thermal Image Inspection Investigators

If a large heat origin like an animal or a nest isn’t clear, our fine-tuned thermal camera may be able to identify unusual heat patterns, dampness, and other indications of damage that intimate the presence of wildlife, like missing insulation or openings in walls that indicates an entrance area. Knowing what patterns to watch for takes instruction, on the job real-world experience, and an investigative nature. Otherwise, one can mistakenly interpret a heat signature or even miss the important signs altogether.

Bats R Us uses Thermal Image Inspection Photographs to discover the heat signatures of wildlife.
Bats R Us Thermal Image Inspection Photographs of a bat in an attic.
Bats R Us tech showing a Thermal Image Inspection camera and a man holding a bat caught in a Connecticut home.
Bats R Us showing a Thermal Image Inspection camera photo during a search for a raccoon.

A Few Testimonials

What People are Saying About Bats R Us

“…Outstanding Service.”

Batsrus Wildlife (Joe) providing outstanding service. We had over 16 bats in our attic! He was able to find and seal up the points of entry, remove the bats, provide the clean up and insulation removal. The insulation removal was a huge job. He spent extra time and he fees were very reasonable. We had other companies come here to give estimates. They had slick presentations and folders and programs that cost $5,000.00 more than Bats R Us Wildlife. Joe reminds me of a down to earth expert business owner that knows what he is doing. We went with Joe and will always recommend his business. (His employees are respectful, followed all safety protocols as well.)

Maria R.


Joe is someone you can truly trust will do the job right. Joe and his crew successfully removed unwanted guests from our attic. His methods are safe and very humane. He is extremely patient, answers all questions and addresses all concerns. He was extremely responsive and completed the removal and sealing in a timely fashion. His continuous follow up even after the job was done is so greatly appreciated. He gave us our home back. His clean up was amazing and his crew was fast and efficient. Joe is truly someone we would highly recommend with confidence.

Andrea C.