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Sealing Exclusion Prevention

Your Home Is An Investment. At Bats R Us, We Take Professional Care In Performing Wildlife Sealing Exclusion Prevention Procedures.

Our Individualized Strategy Plans Include Baiting, Live Traps And Possible Relocation, Traditional Traps, And Other Wildlife Removal Tools Keep Wildlife Out – And Stay That Way. You Can Trust The Bats R Us Sealing Exclusion Prevention Team At Every Stage Of Our Process.

No Sealing Exclusion Prevention Project Is Too Big Or Too Small For Bats R Us

Sealing your home is an essential part of wildlife control. Sealing Exclusion Prevention from wildlife means repairing any openings or gaps that enable wildlife to enter your home. The first step of our sealing process is to inspect the home with our thermal imaging technology to identify all holes and points of entry where wildlife reside, and what type of wildlife lives inside your home.

Experience is key when going through this process since some animals can squeeze into incredibly tiny holes that would go unnoticed by the inexperienced eye. We will then seal off all points of entry – including installing one-way doors that allow animals out but not back in and sealing all holes with silicon and/or mesh.

In Connecticut, many types of nuisance wildlife will seek shelter, especially in colder weather. Critters enter and make themselves at home within your space, generally causing significant damage. Their entrances leave cracks, holes, and large openings in the attic, basement, or foundation. Animals, once in, put a home at risk if they chew into electrical wiring or tear and rip up insulation. Also, wildlife droppings can carry dangerous diseases.


Openings Sealed


Safety First

Just A Few Of Our Many Sealing Exclusion Prevention Projects

Our Sealing Exclusion Prevention Team

Roof Ridge Gaps Allow Critters Inside

We’re examining this roof ridge for any cracks that small wildlife can enter. Also, any gaps make it easy for an animal like a raccoon to rip up the shingles in this area then tear into the attic. Ideally, a roof ridge protector guards this area 100%. Ask us about the Peak Protector System developed by Viking Product Supply.

Our Sealing Exclusion Prevention Experts

Vent Capping Keeps Wildlife Out

Vent caps keep wildlife out of your vents and home. Wildlife-proof vent proof caps protect your home from raccoons, squirrels, bats, and birds. Vent caps are available in stainless steel, galvanized aluminum/steel, or copper. It only takes one wildlife entry by a raccoon, bat or squirrel into your vents to cause difficulties to your home.

Our Sealing Exclusion Prevention Pros

Fascia Repair From Squirrel Damage

Squirrels chewing through the rotted fascia of your home. Once a squirrel tears a hole in your roof fascia, they’ll access your home’s attic and wreak destruction. Once a squirrel, especially a flying squirrel, enters your attic, they chew up electrical wiring and damage your insulation

Our Sealing Exclusion Prevention Duo

Fix Gaps Where Shingles Meet Home

If you have an unsealed gap where the roofline’s edge meets the fascia board, large and small wildlife can lift or crawl under these shingles and widen the gap. So what can you do to prevent wildlife from entering your home this way? Seal those gaps now!
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Chimney Capping Is A Must

A properly-fitted, vented chimney cap will keep out water, snow, and unwanted wildlife. An open chimney is an invitation for raccoons, birds, squirrels, bats, skunks, and mice to enter your home. Capping your chimney will prevent these critters from creating a den inside the chimney. Get that chimney cap on now!

When Wildlife Move Into Your Connecticut Home They Think They Own It

When nuisance critters move into your home, they claim your house as their own without realizing that a human family lives there — a family that does not want any critters there. It is irresponsible to do any sealing before dealing with the problem of wildlife. BATS R US WILDLIFE LLC doesn’t want to be responsible for further damage to your home by locking wildlife into your home.

No matter time of the year, it is always plausible that babies or young critters may be in your attic. Like squirrels, some wildlife has two litters a year, one in the spring and one in the summer or early fall. We are careful not to separate parent from newborn or young. Removing the young from the mother would cause an inhumane death of the baby and result in the mother ripping into the place from which she was excluded after the outside area has been repaired. 

We Get Wildlife Out For Good When We Use Our Sealing Exclusion Prevention Process!



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All Openings Sealed

A Few Testimonials

What People are Saying About Bats R Us

“…Outstanding Service.”

Batsrus Wildlife (Joe) providing outstanding service. We had over 16 bats in our attic! He was able to find and seal up the points of entry, remove the bats, provide the clean up and insulation removal. The insulation removal was a huge job. He spent extra time and he fees were very reasonable. We had other companies come here to give estimates. They had slick presentations and folders and programs that cost $5,000.00 more than Bats R Us Wildlife. Joe reminds me of a down to earth expert business owner that knows what he is doing. We went with Joe and will always recommend his business. (His employees are respectful, followed all safety protocols as well.)

Maria R.


Joe is someone you can truly trust will do the job right. Joe and his crew successfully removed unwanted guests from our attic. His methods are safe and very humane. He is extremely patient, answers all questions and addresses all concerns. He was extremely responsive and completed the removal and sealing in a timely fashion. His continuous follow up even after the job was done is so greatly appreciated. He gave us our home back. His clean up was amazing and his crew was fast and efficient. Joe is truly someone we would highly recommend with confidence.

Andrea C.