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Nuisance Wildlife Removal At Bats R Us LLC

Look No Further Because You Have Found Connecticut’s Best Pest Nuisance Wildlife Removal Service That Provides Effective And Humane Solutions For Your Critter Problems.

Bats R Us Provides Unique Nuisance Wildlife Removal Methods To Protect You And Your Property. Please Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late! Get Those Critters Out Now!

Connecticuts Answer To Your Wildlife Headaches

Bats R Us Nuisance Wildlife Removal Team Delivers Effective, Long-Lasting Results

The Bats R US Wildlife LLC team provides safe, humane Nuisance Wildlife Removal services both in and outside the home. All wildlife is trapped live, and we never use poison or anything to harm the animal. Before we begin the Nuisance Wildlife Removal process, our team conducts a thorough inspection of the property to determine exactly which species of wildlife is causing the damage. We use live animal traps to safely remove wildlife such as raccoons, possums, bats, skunks, flying squirrels, mice, and rats from in and outside your home.

Nuisance wildlife is no fun. Safely removing animals in and around your home requires specific skills and expertise to ensure both the technician and animal aren’t harmed in the process. We combine our experience, skill, and expertise with cutting edge technology – thermal imagery and drone inspections – to safely and quickly identify wildlife in the home and remove it. Once the animal is removed, we will ensure that all preventative measures are taken to safeguard your home against future unwelcome visitors.

No Nuisance Wildlife Removal situation is too complicated for Bats R Us. We provide the best full-service Nuisance Wildlife Removal in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and the surrounding areas. We will perform a thorough inspection of your property and provide you with repair options for your home that you may need after excluding wildlife from your home or business. And all this for a price that won’t drain your budget.

We are not limited in our abilities as we do both commercial and residential pest control. We warranty all exclusion work so you won’t have to worry about animals in your home anymore. For more information about our reliable pest Nuisance Wildlife Removal and control services, please call us at (203) 885-3822.


Trapping requires experience and expertise not only with the trapping itself, but also with the laws and protocol – ranging from licensing, insurance and legal issues to the size and types of traps, baits and lures, the location of the trap and the safety requirements for both the trapper and family. Our team understands the requirements for relocating wild animals, ensuring that we target only the animals that are causing the problems. Contact us now at (203) 885-3822.


A vital part of our wildlife removal services is the safe and humane treatment of the animals themselves. We never use poison, only live animal traps and electronic traps for mice and rats. We use a personalized approach with a unique bait system depending on the species. Through our innovative technologies we can quickly find holes and points of entry, ensuring that all wildlife is safely removed from your property – without any health risks. Contact Bats R Us LLC now at (203) 885-3822.


One should never try to trap wild animals themselves, no matter how small they may be. If you come in contact with animals such as raccoons, bats, possums, squirrels, rats, and mice through bite or scratching you could contract diseases such as Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, Leptospirosis or even Rabies. They could also leave droppings or urine the house, which would be dangerous for you and your family. Contact us now at (203) 885-3822.

Bats R Us LLC Nuisance Wildlife Removal Specialties

Bats R Us CT Nuisance Wildlife Removal raccoon experts are here to help 24/7/365.


Raccoons are common animals to find in and around your Connecticut home. They tend to live close to residences, where they can easily find food. If you find a raccoon in your attic, this will often be a mother with a litter of babies – presenting a challenge for removal.

Raccoons do extensive damage in a home by tearing apart drywall, insulation, and pipe insulation, tear holes in air ducts and roof vents. Raccoons will also chew on wood and wiring which is a major fire risk. Raccoons can carry harmful diseases and parasites, which can pose a safety risk to you, and your family. Our raccoon Nuisance Wildlife Removal experts are ready to help.

Bats R Us CT Nuisance Wildlife Removal bat exclusion experts are here to help 24/7/365.


Bats are what we do best. Our Nuisance Wildlife Removal bat pros have performed hundreds of bat exclusions in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Bats are amazing creatures that do so much for the ecosystem. But, they don’t belong inside your home and can produce extensive guano piles if a colony has invaded.

We first do a thermal camera inspection of the attic and around the home to locate the number of entry points and how many bats we are dealing with. Then we start the exclusion process by putting in one-way valves and sealing all entry points to exit, but they can’t return. We install a bat house if desired to keep the bats around to take care of all those pesky little bugs.

Bats R Us CT Nuisance Wildlife Removal opossum pros are here to help 24/7/365.


Like raccoons, possums are also commonly found in and around human residences. Timid by nature, even when they appear aggressive, they are essentially harmless to humans. The opossum is the only marsupial in the United States. They will scavenge for food and may cause a mess in your basement, crawl space, or attic.

Luckily, opossums are some of the easiest animals for our wildlife trapping experts to catch since they don’t see humans as likely threats. However, due to complexities and legal requirements for safely removing wildlife, a professional is always recommended.

Bats R Us CT Nuisance Wildlife Removal skunk techs are here to help 24/7/365.


Many species of skunks live in the United States, but Connecticut is home to one species, the eastern striped skunk. The skunk’s adaptability enables it to endure in the urban and suburban areas of Connecticut. Many homeowners may be extra concerned about skunks in and around their property due to their ability to spray a foul odor.

Luckily, we easily live trap skunks, and with our help, we will relocate a skunk to another area far enough from your property. Plus, by hiring an expert, you don’t have to worry about getting sprayed yourself! Our Nuisance Wildlife Removal specialists can evaluate any property damage done by trespassing skunks.

Bats R Us CT Nuisance Wildlife Removal squirrel team is here to help 24/7/365.


Gray squirrels, red squirrels, and flying squirrels love to make themselves at home in your attic. During the cold Connecticut winters, squirrels seek safe and warm dens with dry areas for food storage. Your Fairfield County, CT attic is a perfect living area for flying squirrels. Once in your attic, flyers cause major damage to your attic in the form of feces, urine, torn insulation, and electrical wire damage.

We are the flying squirrel exclusion specialist with 100’s of homes sealed in Fairfield County, Connecticut. And we do our squirrel Nuisance Wildlife Removal jobs right the 1’st time using high-quality materials that squirrels can’t chew through.

Let Bats R Us CT Nuisance Wildlife Removal mice rat stations get rid of your mice rat problems.

Mice & Rats

Trapping mice and rats with rodent poison inside your home do little to take care of the core issue: rodents entering your home. Where there is 1 mouse or rat, there are many more in hiding. And the population increases year after year. Our Nuisance Wildlife Removal team will safely remove mice and rats from your home with humane, electronic traps.

We offer a monthly Trapping Service as well as foundation sealing for mice. Our service is done on the exterior of your home using secure stations. Mice are the biggest carriers of fleas and ticks. Let us help you keep your family safe and prevent the multiple tick-borne diseases that mice bring into your home.


A Few Testimonials

What People are Saying About Bats R Us

“…Outstanding Service.”

Batsrus Wildlife (Joe) providing outstanding service. We had over 16 bats in our attic! He was able to find and seal up the points of entry, remove the bats, provide the clean up and insulation removal. The insulation removal was a huge job. He spent extra time and he fees were very reasonable. We had other companies come here to give estimates. They had slick presentations and folders and programs that cost $5,000.00 more than Bats R Us Wildlife. Joe reminds me of a down to earth expert business owner that knows what he is doing. We went with Joe and will always recommend his business. (His employees are respectful, followed all safety protocols as well.)

Maria R.


Joe is someone you can truly trust will do the job right. Joe and his crew successfully removed unwanted guests from our attic. His methods are safe and very humane. He is extremely patient, answers all questions and addresses all concerns. He was extremely responsive and completed the removal and sealing in a timely fashion. His continuous follow up even after the job was done is so greatly appreciated. He gave us our home back. His clean up was amazing and his crew was fast and efficient. Joe is truly someone we would highly recommend with confidence.

Andrea C.