Habitat Modification Maintenance Can Produce Long Term Answers To Tricky Human-Wildlife Struggles.

Habitat Modification Maintenance At Bats R Us LLC

We Eliminate Any Factors That Make Your Property Desirable to Nuisance Wildlife Using Proper Habitat Modification Maintenance

Bats R Us Provides Habitat Modification Maintenance Plans Include Removing Attractants Like Brush, Woodpiles, Or Debris, Cutting Back Bushes and Trees, Covering Openings In Structure, Gutter Cleaning, Power Washing, And More…

BATS R US Habitat Modification Maintenance Team Treats You Home Like Our Castle

BATS R US provides various processes of habitat modification maintenance techniques, effectively avoid future nuisance wildlife problems from developing. Habitat modification maintenance restricts access to food, water, or shelter, discouraging annoying wildlife from hanging around the property. The techniques we use may include pruning trees and brush, gutter installs or cleaning, cleaning and sealing entry points, placing screens over vents, or establishing other barriers to intrusion from the target species.

All animals need water, food, and shelter. Reducing or eliminating any of these elements can reduce nuisance wildlife on your Connecticut property. Habitat modification maintenance treats all 3 of these life needs of pest wildlife. Even slight alterations can make big changes in controlling wildlife problems. For example, using a good squirrel and raccoon-resistant bird feeder and picking up ground seed around a feeder are easy solutions to discourage these troublesome critters.

Typical habitat modification maintenance procedures include:

  • Wildlife proofing bird feeders, securing garbage containers, and removing outdoor pet food
  • Removing brush, woodpiles, and debris
  • Cutting back bushes and tree branches, which limits cover and access to your home or business
  • Covering openings in buildings such as roof vents and air vents
  • Using wildlife-resistant plants.


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Habitat Modification Maintenance For Long-Term Wildlife Control Solutions

You need to know that brush left on your lawn or even a tree near your home or business can invite nuisance wildlife. BATS R US WILDLIFE Habitat Modification Maintenance team helps you pinpoint ways to induce those pesky nuisance animals off your property.

Connecticuts Bats R Us habitat modification maintenance gold quality service

Habitat modification maintenance can produce long-term results when you have tough human-wildlife problems. Yes, some habitat modification maintenance can be expensive, but when you consider the long-term issues, habitat modification maintenance can save you money.

BATS R US WILDLIFE, the Connecticut Go To Wildlife Control Company, will suggest, at the minimum, what you should change to make your property less attractive to wildlife critters.

Bats R Us provides habitat modification maintenance for chimney caps, cutting trees, and clearing brush.
Bats R Us habitat modification maintenance crew need to clear these bushes away from the side of this house.
Bats R Us habitat modification maintenance crew did a fantastic job clearing bushes away from the side of this house. No more critter hiding places.
Bats R Us habitat modification maintenance chimney experts needed to repair this chimney where squirrels were entering.
Bats R Us habitat modification maintenance chimney experts repaired and capped the chimney.
Bats R Us habitat modification maintenance pros found mice entering through this area of outside piping.
Bats R Us habitat modification maintenance metal workers closed up this entrance that mice had used to take up residence in the basement.
This fascia was torn open by squirrels that made their way into the attic.
We repaired the fascia and it's ready for the final paint job. Another Bats R Us customer!

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“…Outstanding Service.”

Batsrus Wildlife (Joe) providing outstanding service. We had over 16 bats in our attic! He was able to find and seal up the points of entry, remove the bats, provide the clean up and insulation removal. The insulation removal was a huge job. He spent extra time and he fees were very reasonable. We had other companies come here to give estimates. They had slick presentations and folders and programs that cost $5,000.00 more than Bats R Us Wildlife. Joe reminds me of a down to earth expert business owner that knows what he is doing. We went with Joe and will always recommend his business. (His employees are respectful, followed all safety protocols as well.)

Maria R.


Joe is someone you can truly trust will do the job right. Joe and his crew successfully removed unwanted guests from our attic. His methods are safe and very humane. He is extremely patient, answers all questions and addresses all concerns. He was extremely responsive and completed the removal and sealing in a timely fashion. His continuous follow up even after the job was done is so greatly appreciated. He gave us our home back. His clean up was amazing and his crew was fast and efficient. Joe is truly someone we would highly recommend with confidence.

Andrea C.