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Bat Removal Westport

Bat Removal Westport by Kris, Joe, Jen, and Jill of Weston Wildlife Specialist

We love working with Bats and wildlife and we know it shows in the work that we do. We do everything in our power to make sure all the animals are treated well and bats are relocated and not harmed. Most of our work is in Westport and Weston Ct.

We are doing 2 bats and mice sealing jobs in Westport this week and 1 squirrel removal job in Weston. We feel we are different from other companies as we care about what happens to the wildlife. All these creatures are just looking for food or a warm place to stay, but someone’s home is not going to work.

We love animals but they are dangerous to family and pets. These animals are Rabies vector species and need to be handled by a Lic. Professional. If you find yourself in a wildlife situation and need help call us 24/7 we are here to help our community at all times. And if you have a question or want to learn how to prevent these encounters we will be glad to answer any questions that you might have.

Prevention is the key to avoiding unwanted wildlife encounters. We are experienced in all wildlife and Joe and Kris have extensive training in bat, squirrel, and mice exclusions and total house sealing. We do a lot of bat and mice removal and sealing.

Bats and mice are dirty creatures and belong outside the house not inside. When we seal we seal the whole foundation of your home as well as the garage and attic. Bats don’t chew they look for voids that mice leave from chewing the ridge vents and soffits trying to have a warm place to live with food close by.

We have great references and would be happy to help with your bat and mice issues.