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ON COVID-19: We’re Open And Available! Most Jobs Do Not Involve Indoor Or Close Contact. You’re Safety Is #1 In All That We Do.

We’re proud to serve our local community, which includes all of Fairfield County, including the following Connecticut towns and cities of Easton, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport, and Wilton.

If you are not sure if we service your area, please contact us at (203) 885-1145 or use our contact form on our contact page.

“It takes years to build a reputation for quality service, but one unpleasant incident to ruin it. I always keep that thought in mind, so I know the right choice is the best. Quality work, ethical practices, and pride in a job well-done are foremost in all that we do.”

On The Ground Owner and President of Weston Wildlife Specialist, Joe Gray

Weston Wildlife Specialist bat and flying squirrel exclusion

Weston and Fairfield County, Connecticut Residential and Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Control Services

Safety First Including Humane Nuisance Wildlife Control

Are wildlife trespassing on your residence or business? With decades of expertise with wildlife management and critter pest control, WESTON WILDLIFE SPECIALIST has serviced Fairfield and the Fairfield County Connecticut region while providing 100% customer satisfaction concerning our wildlife control services. WESTON WILDLIFE SPECIALIST provides top-quality Certified Wildlife Control Technicians that meet or exceed the wildlife control industry’s first-class criteria and gives an unequaled level of service and consumer satisfaction. And just because we are renowned for performing bat and flying squirrel exclusion, that doesn’t mean we are not equally proficient when facing other kinds of wildlife problems.

BATS R US IS National Wildlife Control  Operators Association Member

No matter what size, bats to raccoons, nuisance wildlife can have a huge impact on your home or business and run you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in destruction. Incidents or sightings of wildlife can pose grave health hazards to your family or employees, or clients. If you are a home or business owner, you must deal with a wildlife conflict quickly. And keep in mind, if you are a company with critter issues such as mice or rats, you could lose your customers or could face fines or business shut-down.

Weston Wildlife Specialist combines the environmentally sound and science-based principles of Integrated Pest Management. IPM is an approach to solving nuisance wildlife problems by applying our experience about wildlife to block them from destroying your home, hurting your pets, infesting your buildings, or conflicting with your business or life’s pure joys. IPM means reacting to pest difficulties in a way that decreases economic, health, and environmental hazards. We design a customized plan for your home or business to efficiently control and reduce your critter issues.

Whatever wildlife difficulty we face, we always use specific Wildlife Pest Control Products For Wildlife Control Operators like the products at Viking Product Supply. When we use a product out of our bag of wildlife control tricks, you can be sure we are using a product that works. So when we need to rid of or keep out birds, bats, raccoons, skunks, mice, rats, and ice, we have on hand the top-of-the-line wildlife pest control products and nuisance wildlife prevention tools.

Call us at (203) 885-3822 if you would like a complimentary quote on our services, or go to our contact form and select “job estimate” under Subject Of Email and tell us what how we can help. We guarantee we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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A Quick Overview Of  Weston Wildlife Specialist Services

Weston Wildlife Specialist Provides Expert Services That Are A Cut Above The Rest

Exclusions/Prevention, Humane Removal/Relocation, Attic Restoration, Decontamination/Odor Control, Habitat Modification

wildlife trapping provided by Weston Wildlife Specialist

Nuisance Wildlife Trapping

Trapping wildlife demands education, practice, talent, and perseverance. Our team has what it takes to catch any critter humanely in your home, business, or on your property.

wildlife removal provided by Weston Wildlife Specialist

Nuisance Wildlife Removal

From bats to birds, raccoons, squirrels, mice, snakes, and more – we exclude all problem wildlife with your safety and concern number 1.

WE seal wildlife out at Weston Wildlife Specialist

Sealing Your Home or Business

Wildlife can invade your home via holes or gaps as little as a dime. We seal all wildlife entrances into your home, business, or buildings blocking out mice, bats, rats, raccoons, possums, and more.

Weston Wildlife Specialist uses thermal imaging to locate wildlife problems

Thermal Image Inspection

We use state-of-the-art tools like thermal imaging, Arlo Pro 4G cameras, field cameras, and Borescopes. Our equipment provides faster and precise identification and removal of all bats and wildlife within your buildings.

Drone Inspection

Using a high-end drone system to inspect outside your home, buildings or office provides you and us with the images and videos that display any wildlife entrances or gaps.

attic cleanout provided by by Weston Wildlife Specialist

Attic Cleanout Remediation

After we remove wildlife from your home, buildings, or business, we find urine and feces throughout the area more often than not. We can clean and sanitize all areas, then replace insulation care for you.

habitat modification provided by by Weston Wildlife Specialist

Habitat Modification Maintenance

All wildlife need water, food, and shelter. Reducing or eliminating any of these factors on your property reduces wildlife’s desire to coexist with you. Habitat modification address all 3 of these needs for wildlife to flourish on your property.

A Few Testimonials

What People are Saying About Weston Wildlife Specialist

“…Outstanding Service.”

“Weston Wildlife Specialist (Joe) providing outstanding service. We had over 16 bats in our attic! He was able to find and seal up the points of entry, remove the bats, provide the clean-up and insulation removal. The insulation removal was a huge job. He spent extra time and the fees were very reasonable. We had other companies come here to give estimates. They had slick presentations and folders and programs that cost $5,000.00 more than Weston Wildlife Specialist. Joe reminds me of a down-to-earth expert business owner that knows what he is doing. We went with Joe and will always recommend his business. (His employees are respectful, followed all safety protocols as well.)”

Maria R.


Joe is someone you can truly trust will do the job right. Joe and his crew successfully removed unwanted guests from our attic. His methods are safe and very humane. He is extremely patient, answers all questions and addresses all concerns. He was extremely responsive and completed the removal and sealing in a timely fashion. His continuous follow up even after the job was done is so greatly appreciated. He gave us our home back. His clean up was amazing and his crew was fast and efficient. Joe is truly someone we would highly recommend with confidence.

Andrea C.